New Reels: “Restless” by New Order

New Order is back with a brand new video for “Restless” released on August 18th, 2015.

New Wave pioneers are back with a brand new video. The band formed in 1980 is back after a 10 year studio break, this time without bassist and vocalist Peter Hook, but they bring a new, upbeat sound to this new adventure.

Restless – New Order

The band news no introduction but we here at MVD are very aware of the fact we have yet to do a post on them. We will try to right this wrong ASAP.

The album “Music Complete” was produced mainly by the band with the help of Tom Rowlands and Stuart Price from the Chemical Brothers  (yes,  same mistake again: no posts on them, on it!). There are also guests singers like Brandon Flowers and Iggy Pop. The album will be released in late September.

“What miracle of life

Has come to stay?

A taste of love

So sweet,

so real you can’t let go

And how does it feel?

It feels so good…

But how much do you need?

How much, how much do you need?

How much do you need?

How much, how much do you need?


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